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Stockholms Flygklubb (Stockholm Flying Club) is an aero club based on Bromma airport (ESSB) in Stockholm. Founded in 1930, Stockholm Flying Club is one of Swedens oldest and most popular general aviation clubs.

We have a fleet of 7 general aviation airplanes, one Cessna 150s, two Cessna 172s, three Piper Cherokees and one Piper Arrow. Technical data and pictures of our airplanes.

Our 230 members come from all parts of Sweden, but most of us are from the Stockholm general area. We accept member applications from all parts of the world, but all new memberships require board approval. All members that hold a valid JAR-FCL PPL (or above) are allowed to rent and fly our airplanes.

Stockholm Flying Club is a registered training facility which gives us the ability to offer PPL training and NQ (night qualification) classes. If you're interested in becoming a certified private pilot or extending your existing certificate with a night qualification, please contact one of our flying instructors or call our club on +46 (8) 283246.

We welcome and appreciate all general aviation guests, arriving either by car or by airplane. For information on how to obtain clearances, land and park on Bromma airport, please see the AD section of the Swedish AIP.

For more information, feel free to contact our club house.

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